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All studies of A & B Energy are based in National and International Standards and also in an innovative mixture of field and real data measurements



  • NZEB New Building Design

  • Design to Convert a Building into a NZEB 

  • Air conditioning  SOURCED Sea Water

  • Free cooling applications and Automation

  • Heat Recovery  from Chillers studies

  • Heat Recovery  from Central Vendilation Systems studies

  • Heat Recovery  from gas boilers exhaust gases studies

  • BMS Upgrade to BEMS

  • Design Optimization of specific Buildings Automations & industries

  • Chimney wind catchers Studies

  • Shading facades Studies

  • Studies on Air Buried Tube design

  • Studies of specific HX-Heat Exchangers

  • Ice Bank  & PCM Design for Cooling Storage

  • Absorption Chillers  Design

  • Bioclimatic Component Construction and Implementation




  • KENAK Studies  (Greek National Energy Labeling Guide for Buildings) & Electomechanical Plants

  • Solar cooling Studies in buildings

  • Central solar system Architecture

  • Thermal solar systems in industries

  • Geothermal systems in buildings

  • Geothermal  systems in industries

  • RES in buildings

  • RES in industries

  • Studies of heat pumps in buildings

  • Studies of heat pumps in industries

  • CHP systems & Saving in Buildings

  • CHP systems & Saving industries

  • BEMS design

  • Data Centre infrastructure Design

  • Automation infrastructure & Telecommunications

  • Hybrid systems infrastructure and energy storage


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