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Services | End Use Energy Audits

"If you can not measure it, you can not improve it."

  • Analysis and Evaluation of Electricity bills, NG, LPG & Oil

  • BMS inpection & data collection capabilities of BMS or existing energy monitoring system

  • Data analysis by BMS & accounts correlation

  • Compiled from drawings creating a motor list

  • Measurements with innovative equipment: "Electrical & Mechanical Hydra"

  • Electric power Profile of main switch and all significant loads with portable analyzers

  • Lighting level measurement & potential energy saving Evaluation

  • Boiler performance measurement & potential energy saving Evaluation

  • Chillers performance measurement & potential energy saving Evaluation

  • CCU performance measurement & potential energy saving Evaluation

  • Measurements of  indoor air quality & ventilation potential energy saving Evaluation

  • Energy efficiency of heat pumps Measurements & potential energy saving Evaluation

  • Thermal solar systems for Domestic Hot Water Performance testing 

  • Thermography of buildings, distribution networks, motors, electrical panels, refrigeration plants / heating

  • Ultrasound Diagnostics (compressed air, steam, vacuum, NG, LPG, O2, N2O, bearings, valves, lines, arcs, Tracking, Corona, electronic noises)

  • Heat flow  Profile  of indoor & outdoor areas 

  • Data Estimation of cold stores loggers

  • Sufficiency  test setpoints & timers & potential energy saving assessment from BMS Setings

  • Checking MV transformers rooms & potential energy saving assessment

  • Autiting building shell & bioclimatic interventions options 

  • Autiting of cogeneration potential & RES


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