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Services | Energy Management

A & B Energy is a leader in Energy Management area in Greece 

  • Installation & Development of power& energy monitoring system

  • BMS Optimization assessment

  • End-use Energy Audits 

  • Energy Data Analysis & Explanation

  • Continuous Monitoring and reporting (baseline & special energy performance indicators)

  • Application of TAB and RD techniques 

  • Settings Regulations to adjust the consumption according the real demand

  • Staff training on rational energy use in the electromechanical equipments

  • Procument department training

  • Identification and Scaling of  ESOS & RES projects

  • Processes Optimization of end product  

  • Preliminary RD-Redesign of installations and of Building Shell to otpimiz the EE-Energy Efficiency

  • Adopt energy policy rules

  • Create a circle procedures for internal audits and continuous improvement

  • Use of IPMVP2012 and adjust it to customer specifics

  • Substantial completion of the company's requirements for implementing ISO50001


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